About Financing TPO structures in football (a bundle of posts)

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As you probably know, I have been driving a study focused on TPOs and football. In this sense, find in this post links to previous posts relating to the referred topic drafted in english, that you may consider useful and interesting:

1. The legal nature of TPO contracts

2. The legal nature of TPO contracts (II)

3. EU Commission and UEFA Agreement

The growing TPO financing industry is waiting to know the main lines of the ban announced by FIFA several weeks a go. We´ll see…





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  1. Antonio Blanca 29 oct 2014 | reply

    Enjoyable, instructive, interesting and above all realible!!! Un lujo leerle como siempre Luis! Grandes post sobre los TPO

    • Luis Cazorla 29 oct 2014 | reply

      Muchas gracias Antonio por tus palabras. Un abrazo.

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